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    • 05 APR 17

    The Express: Hay Fever Warning with Dr Sadek

    Warm Spring Weather Raises Pollen Levels

    Early Start for Hay Fever Season

    express health newsThe Express reported on the early start for hay fever symptoms as the warm weather causes pollen levels to rise.

    Dr Khaled Sadek, GP at The Smart Clinics, provided expert advice on hay fever for the feature; suggesting that hay fever sufferers should start taking antihistamine medication early to deal with the symptoms. He explained:

    “The hay fever season is absolutely much earlier than usual this year, I saw my first case about three weeks ago.

    “This is probably due to the unusually mild weather across England and Wales so far this spring.

    “It is important that sufferers take their medication now to prevent symptoms coming on later, treatment work better if they are taken before symptoms start.”

    The Met Office has forecast that temperatures will remain above average, around the mid to high teens with clear, dry conditions. Pollen levels will remain unseasonably high. Met Office forecaster Oli Claydon told the Express:

    “The pollen levels are a reflection of the recent conditions and the time of year; for the rest of the week we are forecasting moderate pollen levels in the south while the north stays low.”

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    Hay Fever

    Around 18 million people suffer from hay fever but data has suggested that the number is likely to increase up to 31.8 million by 2030. The full hay fever season can start as early as March and continue right through to September, as different plants release pollen at different times as part of their pollination cycle.

    Pollen is a fine air-borne powder, which is released by plants. Pollen spores contain a protein that can irritate sufferers’ nose, eyes, throat and sinuses.

    Hay fever can strike at any age and every year many adults are surprised to experience the symptoms for the first time.

    Tree Pollen

    Hayfever normally peaks between May and August, but this spring’s mild conditions have caused trees to blossom earlier than normal, with birch trees causing particular irritation as well as ash, elm, alder, willow and hazel. Thanks to the early tree pollen, UK pollen levels have already reached a ‘high’ peak and are forecast to continue at ‘moderate’ as temperatures are set to remain warmer than normal for the time of year

    Grass Pollen

    95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen. Grass hay fever hasn’t really started yet, but levels will rise over the coming weeks to peak in May, when grass pollen is at its highest.

    Weed Pollen

    Weed pollen strikes towards the end of summer, as weeds release pollen to start the propagation process for next year.

    Hay Fever Testing and Treatment

    The Smart Clinics doctors offer hay fever testing as well as advice and medication from their team of private London GPs to help sufferers manage the condition over the summer months.

    The message is to start treatment in good time to provide benefit before it’s really needed. Regular hay fever sufferers will know to anticipate the onset of runny noses and itchy eyes and antihistamine medication can help to alleviate the worst effects.

    Private GPs London

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    In addition to doctors, The Smart Clinics works with an extensive group of healthcare professionals from dentists and osteopaths to dermatologists, helping their patients to take control of their healthcare issues and access early treatment and assistance.

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