10 Minute Coronavirus Antibody Test

10 minute testThe Smart Clinics is now offering the coronavirus antibody blood test at all its London clinics with results in 10 minutes.

The company invested in the necessary on-site testing kit for all its London locations in order to be able to provide patients and clients with easy access to accurate testing with quick results.

All the clinics offer the test throughout the week including Saturday morning at Wandsworth when available.

Coronavirus antibody testing is a very quick and straightforward way to find out whether you have had the virus or developed antibodies to the virus. Whether you think you’ve had the symptoms or not, it is a good way to put your mind at rest if this is something that is of concern to you.

Simple COVID 19 Antibody Test Price

From £48

The cost of the coronavirus antibody blood test is discounted for members of The Smart Clinics medical scheme:

  • £48 per test for members
  • £99 for non-members

The test fee includes:

  • Results given by a qualified GP
  • 5 minute pre-appointment call to make sure that the test is suitable

What to expect

  • Before you attend we’ll arrange a pre-screening with a GP to assess your suitability
  • We recommend that you drink plenty of water in advance of your visit. Staying as hydrated as possible prior to the test makes it easier and makes it fairly painless for blood withdrawal
  • We’ll then test your sample
  • Results will be given and explained by one of our friendly GPs
  • The whole process takes less than half an hour from arrival to leaving the clinic

Is the Coronavirus Antibody Test Available for Children?

The Smart Clinics offers this test for teenagers and young adults from the age of 16yrs upwards.

Coronavirus Tests at The Smart Clinics

The Smart Clinics has been offering a full range of coronavirus tests since the end of May. While the antibody test is proving the most popular option, other options are also available:

  • Saliva/blood antibody testing, with samples sent to an external lab
    • Cost £160 per test
    • Results take 48 hours.
    • This will test for both Covid-19 IgM AND IgG antibodies.
  • Saliva ‘spit test’ for Covid-19 vRNA detection.
    • Cost £185 per test.
    • Results take up to 48 hours.
    • This test will show whether the person currently has the virus (even if they don’t have any symptoms). The test can detect an infection prior to the start of symptoms for people that will go on to develop symptoms.
  • Saliva Covid-19 epigenetics susceptibility service, i.e. how your genes have been affected by your environment, age and other factors that are not inborn.
    • Cost £665 per test
    • Results will take a good week to come back.
    • This test uses epigenetics to determine likely susceptibility status or risk status for severe Covid-19 infection.
    • This test is in our opinion the most important test, particularly for the higher at-risk category of patients.


  1. All tests are only of value at the time of testing.
  2. Regular and continued testing is advised until a virus antidote/vaccine has been developed.
  3. There is currently no confirmed evidence that a patient having already had Covid-19 cannot become re-infected. It is expected to be unlikely, but there is currently no information on how long a patient may be immune for.
  4. All of the tests have not been approved by the Government and Health Authority regulators in the United Kingdom
  5. They are inevitably open to false results (however small that risk may be)
  6. All patients should continue to live their lives in line with the Health Authority guidance advice at all times: socially distancing, washing hands, wearing face coverings etc

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