4.7 Million A&E Visits Due to GP Appointment Shortage

London ambulanceResearch by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) has suggested that Accident & Emergency departments are being forced to take the strain as patients struggle to see a GP. 

It estimated that up to 4.7 million A&E visits in the past year were attributable to patients being unable to see their GP.

  • 35% said there were no appointments available
  • 30% said they were unable to get through to/access the service

The research is based on a sample of 422 London patients. Extrapolating the figures equates to up to 4.7 million Brits; although the CQC has stated that the findings could not be generalised as the study was a small snapshot survey limited to one area.

The Patients Association said it showed patients went to A&E when they couldn’t see a GP.

Yet there are few signs of matters improving. Just last month, delegates at the British Medical Association conference voted in favour of plans to reduce the number of patients they see each day to lower their ‘intolerable’ workload.

This study adds further evidence to the strain on doctors and the difficulties patients are having in accessing GP services in the UK at a time. See also:

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