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    • 11 APR 18

    £75m Research for Killer Prostate Cancer

    A research programme into prostate cancer is hoped to identify better diagnosis and treatment for the disease, particularly targeting those at higher risk. 

    47,000 men a year  receive the devastating diagnosis of prostate cancer, a disease which kills over 11,000 every year – nearly 1 in 4.

    Prostate cancer tends to be detected when men experience problems with urination, which is due to the cancer putting pressure on the urethra. This relatively late detection makes treatment more difficult.

    Prostate cancer is now the biggest cause of cancer fatality in the UK and has overtaken breast cancer due to earlier detection and better treatment of women – as well as the fact that men are living longer.

    Dr Iain Frame, director of research at the charity Prostate Cancer UK, said:

    “Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and it is now the third most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK.

    “However, with increased research investment used wisely, over the next few years we can turn this around and make prostate cancer a disease men no longer need to fear.

    “This is what Prostate Cancer UK is striving for through our ambitious research programme.”


    Prostate Cancer Symptoms

    Symptoms to look out are difficulties with urination including:

    • More frequent and/or needing to rush to the toilet
    • Needing to urinate at night
    • Difficulty in starting/weak flow/taking a long time
    • Feeling that your bladder is not properly empty

    Symptoms such as bone, back or testicular pain could indicate that the cancer has spread. Other signs include weight loss/loss of appetite.

    Urination problems don’t necessarily mean you have prostate cancer.  There are other conditions which can cause the prostate to enlarge.

    However, if any of the above symptoms occur, it is vitally important to get a prostate check to rule out prostate cancer. As with all cancers, the earlier treatment can start, the better the outcome.

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