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The Smart Clinics has now fully reopened its range of dentistry services at its London practice, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics as well as general dental care. 

The team are able to welcome new patients and non-members as well as existing clients and members of the company’s dentistry scheme.

This is very welcome news for those seeking dental care. During lockdown, all non-urgent dental care, such as check-ups, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry stopped, leaving patients unable to seek the regular appointments that are so necessary to keep teeth in good condition. Even emergency dental care – which was initially available at The Smart Clinics – became restricted in order to reduce the potential spread of infection.

Now dentists are bracing for an influx of patients for all sorts of reasons.


Patients who are already having orthodontic treatment to realign their teeth should arrange a review as early as possible if they have not already done so. Regular adjustments are part of the process and many of those wearing braces are finding that their treatment stalled, with braces becoming loose while awaiting the next appointment. The Smart Clinics’ team have been contacting patients to arrange early appointments for review.

The company is now also taking on new cases, so if you’ve decided during lockdown to improve the alignment of your teeth, please get in touch to discuss the options. The Smart Clinics offers a range of devices, including popular Invisalign which involves wearing a series of clear plastic retainers to gently bring the teeth into better line.

General Dentistry

Services have now fully resumed with checkups and treatments such as fillings fully available. The Smart Clinics also offers more complex treatments such as root canal treatment and gum disease treatment (periodontics). Dental implants are a speciality, provided by Dr Manuel Vila.

The dentists specialise in treating nervous patients and will work hard to put you at ease.

Regular checkups are essential for keeping teeth in good condition and helping to avoid potentially uncomfortable and costly treatment further down the line. Dentists have expressed concern that the lockdown will have created a backlog of patients, as well as an increase in dental health problems after the lengthy delays in getting checkups and treatment.

Many patients have noticed issues during lockdown, from tooth pain and exposed gums to issues caused by snacking and grinding teeth from stress.

Eddie Crouch, Vice Chair of the BDA (British Dental Association), told Sky News that a lack of check-ups also means missed opportunities to catch the early stages of mouth cancer.

“If people have got ulcers in their mouth that are not going away, really, they should insist on seeing a dentist face to face, that is available at most high street dental practices now because it doesn’t involve generating a spray or an aerosol to actually just look at an ulcer in someone’s mouth.

“If they’re not picked up early, then my real worry is that the long-term success of treatment for these patients is going to be severely hampered.”


Cosmetic Dentistry

How teeth looks is a major concern for many people and investing in improving the aesthetic appearance is something that can make a big difference. For teeth that have been stained by an increase in coffee and tea consumption, whitening can make an immense difference. While DIY kits may seem an economic choice, only professionally qualified dental practitioners can legitimately access the solutions and equipment required to safely and effectively whiten teeth. White fillings ensure that any necessary repairs can be made without detriment to the appearance.

Dental bonding and veneers go further as they are also able to address gaps and alignment issues as well as the colour of the teeth for a perfectly bright and neat smile.

At The Smart Clinics, our cosmetic dentists are expert in providing a beautiful and natural-looking smile but never at the expense of oral health.

Dentistry in London

The Smart Clinics’ new Chelsea location offers high quality dental treatment for all the family in its fabulously fitted clinic with a highly experienced team of dentists.

Dentistry membership is available on its own or as an addition to the medical membership at reduced cost and entitles patients to a series of benefits and discounts. Non-members are also welcome to visit for treatment and can receive a quote dependent on their individual needs.

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The Smart Clinics is a private healthcare company established in 2013, offering a membership-based alternative to NHS care for individuals and families.

For more information contact or call  020 7052 0070.

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