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While thousands of patients are once again unable to access regular dental care, The Smart Clinics is able to offer the full range of dentistry services at its London practice, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics as well as general dental care. 

This is good news for patients who are keen to maintain good teeth and especially good for those who have concerns that may need treatment.

Experts say the UK is facing a significant backlog, as many patients have been unable to see a dentist for over a year. Regular check-ups are essential for keeping teeth in good condition and helping to reduce or avoid the cost, inconvenience and discomfort of treatment.

Dentists have expressed concern about the risk of dental health problems resulting from delays in getting check-ups and treatment. What’s more, the lockdown itself has potential ramifications for oral health, with the increased temptation to snack while at home.

What the guidelines say

Dentists are classed as an ‘essential service’. This means that they are allowed to be open during lockdown. In England, dentists can see patients both for emergencies and for non urgent appointments.

Yet the latest lockdown has seen many dental practices close again; some due to personal choice, others due to staffing issues or landlords making the premises unavailable. Others are continuing, but may be offering treatment for emergencies only or not taking on any new patients.

This leaves many without the regular treatment that is recommended by the government, NHS and dental experts in order to keep teeth in good condition.

The Smart Clinics

Thanks to high standards and a capable team, the practice is able to welcome new patients during this difficult time.

  • All appointments must be pre-booked and are subject to pre-screening health checks
  • Clients must always wear a face covering to your appointment
  • Arrive just on time to avoid waiting
  • Do not visit if you have Covid symptoms
  • Call for advice if you have Covid symptoms and a dental emergency

As part of a major medical group, The Smart Clinics’ Chelsea dental practice adheres to extremely high standards. The clinic is CQC registered and this extends to the dental services as well as GP and healthcare provision.

Dental care providers are fully equipped with PPE.

While many of the company’s existing clients are members of the dentistry scheme, which provides a range of services in return for a monthly membership fee; non-members are also welcome to visit for check-ups and treatment.

Dental Services

Check-ups and common treatments such as fillings are fully available at The Smart Clinics for all clients. The practice also offers more complex treatments such as root canal treatment and gum disease treatment (periodontics). Dental implants are a speciality, provided by Dr Manuel Vila.

The Smart Clinics understands that the appearance of teeth is important as well as their health and functionality. Their cosmetic dentists are expert in providing a beautiful and natural-looking smile but never at the expense of oral health. Treatment options include whitening and veneers for a perfectly bright and neat smile.

In addition, the company offers a full range of orthodontic treatments to realign the teeth with a range of devices, including popular Invisalign which involves wearing a series of clear plastic retainers to gently bring the teeth into better line. The company is now also taking on new cases.

Dentistry in Chelsea, London

The Smart Clinics’ new Chelsea location opened in 2019. The site offers high quality dental treatment for all the family in its fabulously fitted clinic with a highly experienced team of dentists.

Dentistry membership is available on its own or as an addition to the medical membership at reduced cost and entitles patients to a series of benefits and discounts. Non-members are also welcome to visit for treatment and can receive a quote dependent on their individual needs.

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The Smart Clinics is a private healthcare company established in 2013, offering a membership-based alternative to NHS care for individuals and families.

For more information contact or call  020 7052 0070.

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