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It has been announced that chickenpox vaccination will soon be available on the High Street, with Superdrug offering immunisation in selected pharmacist stores at £130 for a 2-dose course.

Superdrug say that the chickenpox vaccine is suitable for patients from the age of one up to the age of 65 who have not had chickenpox.

However, Public Health England has expressed concerns that the introduction of such a vaccine could actually be counter-productive, potentially increasing the risk of adults contracting chickenpox or shingles. A spokesperson for PHE told the Telegraph:

“While chickenpox during childhood is unpleasant, the vast majority of children recover quickly and easily.

“In adults, chickenpox is more severe and the risk of complications increases with age.”

The Smart Clinics’ Dr Khaled Sadek explains more about chickenpox and the vaccination.

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“Chickenpox is a common childhood infection, which is usually treated at home.

“The symptoms start about 1-3 weeks following exposure to the virus; and first present as small blisters, spreading rapidly across the chest, back arms and legs.  These fluid-filled blisters rupture, leaving a crusty scab. Your child may feel miserable and uncomfortable, but these symptoms are often settled with paracetamol and moisturising cream to cool the skin.

“Although the majority of children make a full recovery, there are possible complications such as bacterial and lung infection. The most severe cases can result in hospital admission.”

Chickenpox Vaccination

“The chickenpox vaccine has grown in popularity over the last few years.

“Although already a standard national vaccination for children living in the USA, it remains unavailable on the NHS.

“There are currently two forms of the vaccine available (Varilax and Varilrix) both are administered under the skin or within the muscle, on two separate occasions spread over 4-6 weeks.

“However, like all medication, it’s not without risk. The main issues surround severe allergic reactions, and a good medical history needs to be taken before vaccinating. Further still, there is a risk your child may become infected with chickenpox if they come into contact with the virus during the 4-6-week gap.  A failure rate has been documented, meaning that those children who complete the course may go on to contract chickenpox, although a milder form.

“It is noteworthy that not all children can safely be given the vaccine; exclusions include those with blood disorders, immune deficiency, HIV or any child with a temperature of 38.5 or higher.”

Advice on Chickenpox

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For people concerned about getting individual advice on chickenpox and vaccination for themselves or their families, The Smart Clinics’ team of private GPs offer plenty of availability at their 2 London clinics with generous appointment times with evening and weekend clinics.

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