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    • 13 DEC 17
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    Christmas Party Survival Tips

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    Christmas parties can be a mixed blessing – great to look forward to and get ready for, but with a host of health risks if you’re not careful.

    Here are The Smart Clinics’ tips for enjoying the Christmas parties and staying healthy and happy.

    • 1. Don’t drink to excess – excessive alcohol consumption isn’t just about hangovers – it can also lead to weight gain as well as embarrassing behaviour while under the influence. Try not to go too mad at a party and not too often. Be a hero and offer to drive, then stay sober for it. Your body and your friends will thank you
    • 2. Choose your tipple wisely – punch is best avoided as you’ve no idea what is in it – both in terms of alcohol and sugary juices. Avoid calorific mixers too
    • 3. Hydrate properly – drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink to control your alcohol intake as well as keep hydrated
    • 4. Think ahead about food – if party food means just ‘nibbles’ eat a big lunch or small meal before going out, so you won’t be tempted to gorge on deep fried calorific snacks which aren’t filling. On the other hand, if you’re going for a four course meal in the evening, have a light lunch
    • 5. Activity and exercise – this can help reduce stress as well as weight gain. If you can’t keep up your regular exercise (whether that’s gym, running, swimming or training), at least try to get outdoors for a walk if you can
    • 6. Grab the opportunity for a dance – if there’s a disco get out there and boogie. You’ll burn off some calories, keep away from temptation of food and drink and generate some feel good endorphins too
    • 7. Avoid food poisoning – if eating out, make sure you’re happy about food standards. Food poisoning can be miserable
    • 8. Be calorie conscious – typical Christmas Day fare accounts for 6,000 calories
    • 9. Be selective – if you have a lot of invites and commitments at this time of year, don’t feel you have to accept them all.  Choose the odd one or two to politely decline and give your body a rest
    • 10. Get enough sleep – if you’re not out, indulge yourself in the odd early night to catch up on your beauty sleep and be refreshed for the next round of activities

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