Daily Express: Hot Weather Health Warning with Dr Spira

Expert Advice on Sun Exposure

with Dr Michael Spira

daily expressThe Daily Express reported on the health implications of the heatwave that hit the UK last week in its feature:

‘Weather WARNING: This is how to avoid SUN POISONING on the hottest April 19 EVER’

After a particularly cold winter and spring, the promise of record temperatures reaching up to 27°C was eagerly awaited, but the media warned Brits not to be careless in regard to sun exposure and unseasonably high heat.

The article explained that excessive UV exposure can lead to ‘sun poisoning’ – a severe form of sunburn that can take weeks rather than days to recover from, requiring treatment with IV fluids, steroids, painkillers and antibiotics.  Writer Alice Scarsi explained:

“Too much ultraviolet (UV) exposure and not taking extra precautions can lead to what experts are now referring to as sun poisoning – a dangerous and severe case of sunburn that in rare cases can lead to life-threatening complications.

“Sun poisoning, which is known by doctors as polymorphic light eruption, can come in different forms and unlike mild cases of sun stroke requires immediate medical assistance. People affected experience symptoms including dehydration, fainting, nausea, flu-like symptoms, confusion and even peeling skin.”

UV radiation is also known to increase the risk of skin cancer, a very dangerous consequence of sun exposure.

Dr Michael Spira, Medical Director and GP at The Smart Clinics, provided expert advice on how to avoid the health risks posed by the significant heat and strong sun. He told Express.co.uk:

“It is highly advisable to avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm, no matter how much you look forward to sunbathing.

“Also, you should drink lots of cold drinks, as dehydration exposes to sun poisoning.

“For the same reasons, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as they dehydrate the body.

“In very hot weather people should try to take lots of cold showers, take advantage of air-conditioning if it’s available and don’t do exercises that are too energetic.”

Read the feature in full at www.express.co.uk

Dr Michael Spira

dr michael spira gp

Medical Director and GP

Dr Spira leads the team of private GPs at The Smart Clinics in London.

His career encompasses many years as Senior Partner in general practice.

He is also the author of The Little Book of Health: Simple Steps to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life (Little Books), published January 2018, which has a full 5 star rating on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Book-Health-Healthier-Happier/dp/1786852349.

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