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    Expert Aesthetic Treatments in London

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    The New Year is a busy time for the aesthetic treatments industry, with a boost in enquiries and treatments as clients commit to looking good and feeling good.  

    The Smart Clinics offers a range of non-surgical skin treatments at both the Brompton Cross (South Kensington) and Wandsworth clinics.

    Injectable Skin Treatments

    Cosmetic injections are the most popular skin treatments in the UK, with BOTOX® anti-wrinkle injections topping the list, followed by dermal fillers.

    These treatments are both designed to rejuvenate the face, but work in different ways to tackle different problems.

    • Anti-Wrinkle Injections – BOTOX® or Botulinum Toxin injections work on smoothing out lines and wrinkles caused by fine dynamic facial muscles.  The injections work to block the muscles, reducing overactivity so that the skin drapes more smoothly.  It is often used on the frown lines, forehead lines and around the eyes where fine lines appear with age and repeated muscle movements. When done properly, there is no need to worry about looking ‘frozen’ or ‘fake’. A good practitioner understands facial anatomy and can preserve normal facial movement while delivering this popular anti-ageing treatment.
    • Dermal Fillers – the vast majority of fillers used nowadays are temporary and based on hyaluronic acid formulations. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin, where it retains water. Depletion of hyaluronic acid over time causes the skin to lose volume, so lines and creases appear.  Use of dermal fillers can smooth out lines, creases and hollows caused by loss of volume.

    Both of these treatments are temporary and the results will last for a few months, after which time, the treatment can be repeated.

    Other aesthetic treatments available at The Smart Clinics include:

    • Lip fillers
    • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
    • Dermaroller
    • IPL

    Find out more about our Skin Clinics.

    Expert Aesthetic Practitioners

    All aesthetic treatments at The Smart Clinics are carried out by our team of experts aesthetic doctors and dermatologists.

    Please contact reception to book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

    Private Healthcare London

    The Smart Clinics is a private healthcare company established in 2013, offering a membership-based alternative to NHS care for individuals and families.

    The Company describes itself as:

    London’s pre-eminent integrated healthcare clinics

    Vital health services include GPs, travel clinic, sexual health, skin treatments, psychology, physiotherapy and much more. There are also a range of children’s services available, including immunisation and health visitors. Complementary therapies include acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

    The company offers patients a choice of two conveniently located and comfortably equipped clinics at Brompton Cross (South Kensington) and Wandsworth.

    For more information contact us on

    Telephone our team on 020 7052 0070.

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Our London clinics are conveniently located at Brompton Cross (South Kensington) and Wandsworth. Services are available on a drop in basis, but there are also a range of affordable membership packages.

  • Telephone: 020 7052 0070

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