Growth In Midlife Chronic Health Problems

health checkA wide scale survey of adults born in 1970 has found that over a third have developed 2 or more chronic health conditions by their late 40s. 

At age 46-48 (in 2016-18) the survey found that of the 8,000 people asked, 34% had developed at least two chronic health conditions. Those mentioned most commonly were:

  • 26% high risk drinking
  • 21% recurrent back problems
  • 29% mental health problems
  • 16% high blood pressure
  • 12% asthma or bronchitis
  • 8% arthritis
  • 5% diabetes

diDr Dawid Gondek, lead researcher on the study, explained that the data was worrying to reveal such widespread issues before the age of 50:

“This study provides concerning new evidence about the state of the nation’s health in midlife. It shows that a substantial proportion of the population are already suffering from multiple long-term physical and mental health problems in their late 40s, and also points to stark health inequalities, which appear to begin early in childhood.”

He added:

““Compared to previous generations, it appears that the health of British adults in midlife is on the decline.”

The survey also found that adults who had experienced physical and mental health problems as children, (e.g. lower birthweight, higher BMI, emotional and behavioural issues) were also more likely to suffer from multiple chronic health problems later in life.

Prof George Ploubidis from UCL’s Centre for Longitudinal Studies said this underlined the importance of early intervention:

“If these links reflect causal effects, policy and practice targeting these core areas in childhood and adolescence may improve the health of future generations and alleviate potential pressures on the NHS.”

However, even later in life, experts stressed that lifestyle changes can make a difference. Key changes include:

  • Stop smoking
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Eat well with a healthy, varied diet
  • Take regular exercise
  • Get enough sleep

The message is that it’s never ‘too late’ to identify the issues and take action to improve your health.

FREE Annual Health Check

At The Smart Clinics, members of the medical scheme actually receive a FREE annual health check. This is designed to review a range of key health criteria in order to highlight any concerns and also track progress.

The comprehensive health check is carried out by our friendly London-based private GPs and includes a series of medical tests including weight, blood pressure and diabetes to name a few. There’s also a review of your existing medication to ensure you’re on the best prescriptions taking into account any changes in any conditions or any other factors.

A GP from The Smart Clinics explained:

“The best form of treatment is prevention.

“The specifically tailored panel of bloods from Smart look to monitor key blood markers such as cholesterol, diabetes, liver, kidney function, as well as prostate cancer.

“The hour long examination tracks your Body Mass Index, Blood pressure and lung function, in addition to the routine examination.”

Generously long appointments are arranged to put you at ease and allow you the opportunity to raise any additional concerns that the doctor could advise on.  It’s a great opportunity to chat openly about anything you may be worried about and get expert opinion.

Even if you’re generally well, taking just a bit of time to get a thorough check by one of our friendly medical professionals is always time well spent and a great start to improving your health and fitness.

The Smart Clinics Membership

Members of The Smart Clinics’ monthly scheme are entitled to a full health check once a year. That’s just one of the benefits of the scheme which for £70 a month includes:

  • Unlimited GP appointments
  • Prescription-writing, repeat prescriptions & delivery
  • Annual health check
  • Member-only offers

Discounts are available for children. An initial joining fee of £500 applies.

For more information, see

→ Membership Scheme

Private Healthcare London

The Smart Clinics is a private healthcare company established in 2013, offering a membership-based alternative to NHS care for individuals and families. Vital health services include private GPs, travel clinic, sexual health, skin treatments, psychology, physiotherapy and much more. There are also a range of children’s services available, including immunisation and health visitors.

The Company describes itself as:

“London’s pre-eminent integrated healthcare clinics”

The Smart Clinics brings together a host of medical professionals offering patients high quality health services in a choice of accessible London clinic locations.

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