How Bite Affects Teeth Health

Invisalign Straight TeethThe ‘bite’ is an often overlooked factor that can really have a dramatic impact on your dental health as a whole.

If your teeth don’t line up properly when you close your mouth, then you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as many as 25% of people find that their upper and lower teeth don’t quite meet up the way they should. A poor bite is technically known as abnormal occlusion and a correct bite is ideal occlusion. Overbite and underbite are both cases of abnormal occlusion.

A poor bite can cause problems ranging from eating difficulties and even pain (head, neck, shoulders). Other problems include grinding your teeth (bruxism). However, in mild to moderate cases, a poor bite is more likely to cause tooth erosion or receding gums, as the teeth are not wearing evenly and correctly and are exposed to unusual wear patterns. The continued stress of a poor bite can also mean that fillings wear quickly.

Correcting Bite Problems

The good news is that modern dentistry can offer solutions to improve your bite – rather than just wait to deal with any damage caused by abnormal occlusion.

Millions of people worldwide use orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth and improve their alignment for a more aesthetically perfect smile. This doesn’t have to be done in childhood, as the latest invisible braces are suitable for adults too. They aesthetically very acceptable and work quickly to improve the alignment of teeth with results visible in a few months.

Issues such as overcrowding, impacted teeth, rotated teeth and gaps can also be addressed to produce a straight smile which is attractive as well as healthy.

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