LBC Radio: Dr Sadek Expert Advice on Sleep

Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show

Tuesday 7th August

The Smart Clinics’ GP Dr Khaled Sadek appeared on LBC Radio this morning, providing expert advice on the issue of sleep for breakfast presenter Nick Ferrari.

The interview followed release of new research which suggested that sleeping for more than 10 hours a night could raise the risk of death from stroke by 56% and heart disease by 49%. The study covered 3 million people over a period of 30 years and the scientists involved suggested that underlying diseases could be the cause and were asking GPs to review patients’ sleep patterns.

Dr Khaled Sadek

LBC radio invited sleep expert Dr Khaled Sadek – who has a PhD in Sleep Medicine and associated matters –  to comment on the findings.

He started by saying that just as much as excessive sleep is a concern, insufficient sleep is also known to cause health and metabolic problems. He said:

“The golden number is around 7 1/2 – 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It’s got to be good quality sleep, you’ve got to feel refreshed in the morning.”

Sleeping in Hot Weather

LBC radio Nick Ferrari asked how much more difficult the hot weather made it to sleep. Dr Sadek commented that in the current conditions, we’ve all struggled to sleep well.  He said:

“The good news is that this is only a very short period of time of disruption.”

He said that chronic sleep disorders tend to affect those whose professions required them to work shifts and sleep during the day, where sleep would be more easily disrupted by environmental cues like heat, light and sound, which could interrupt the good quality REM sleep that the body needs to refresh.

Tips for Insomnia

Dr Khaled Sadek said:

“The very first step is what we call sleep hygiene, that’s making sure that your bed is where you go to sleep.”

Checking phones, laptops, watching films etc are to be avoided so that the bed is associated with sleeping. He explained that these light producing devices work on the retina.

He recommended blackout curtains, a cool breeze and even a cool shower before bed.

Dr Khaled Sadek

dr-khaledDr Khaled Sadek GP one of The Smart Clinics’ team of private GPs in London.

He completed medical training at St George’s Hospital Medical School in 2005 and has worked in obstetrics and gynaecology before pursuing a career as a GP.

He has published numerous papers and spoken on a variety of subjects including sleep as well as women’s health and infertility and metabolic disease (diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease).

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