Mental Health Nutrition Package

Nutritional Psychiatry Specialist, Herbalist & Naturopath

Lelani Loubser

Lelani Loubser

The Smart Clinics’ highly rated Nutritional Therapist has announced a Mental Health Nutrition package to help clients make dietary improvements that are directed at improving mental as well as physical health. 

The package includes 4 x consultations over 3-6 months with regular support and monitoring. The consultations can be carried out in person at The Smart Clinics, or virtually where preferred, using zoom or other video conferencing. As well as being Covid-safe, this option makes it convenient for clients who have work and personal commitments that make it difficult to attend the clinic on a regular basis.

The cost of the package is £465 per person.

There are also corporate options available which is ideal for organisations that are keen to invest in improving the workforce’s health through dietary support.

Nutrition and Mental Health

As a Nutritional Psychiatry Specialist, Lelani Loubser is highly experienced in treating anxiety disorders and depression. She explains how nutrition can be a factor:

“There is a growing body of evidence that depression is linked to increased levels of inflammation in the body which can be due to the immune system, gut bacteria, food intolerances, a heightened stress response and nutrient deficiencies.  Gut bacteria are especially important to reduce inflammation in the body and to keep the immune system healthy.

“Inflammatory changes in the body can affect mental health through the gut-brain-axis and lead to a worsening mental state.

“Gut microbes can influence our thoughts and emotions, so by manipulating them through what we eat, we can improve our mood and reduce the burden of depression. “

She continues:

“A balanced nutritional diet can impact whether we develop depression, mood disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even dementia.  A diet that is less diverse can affect our mood as gut bacteria all have their own preference for food and unless we are eating a wide variety of especially plants foods, we are at risk of losing some of our resident microbes that are important for keeping our immune system and mood healthy.

“We don’t necessarily have control over what life throws our way, but we can influence our response to stress with a balanced approach to nutrition.”

Personalised Nutritional Psychiatry

Nutritional therapy is a very individual area. Recognising the deficiencies or intolerances is key to creating bespoke programmes to improve the patient’s health.

Lelani Loubser explains:

nutrition mental healthHow a personalised approach to nutrition can help reduce your risk of developing depression and anxiety:-

  1. Address gut health issues as bacterial imbalances can affect the brain through the gut-brain-axis
  2. Reduce inflammation in the body which can influence mental health
  3. Keep the immune system healthy to adequately deal with any viruses, bacteria and fungal organisms
  4. Optimise the ‘fight or flight’ response by supporting good adrenal health
  5. Identify food sensitivities that can drive poor mental health
  6. Assess risk of any nutrient deficiencies
  7. Consider further testing to look at common drivers for depression

Lelani Loubser is especially skilled at identifying drivers for depression and approaching it from a preventative perspective.  She offers a series of four consultations over three to six months for those suffering from mental health issues.

Lelani Loubser

Lelani is a Nutritional Psychiatry Specialist​, Herbalist & Naturopath. She is also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

She has a special interest in Mental health, gut health and the microbiome and how it affects all other areas of health, including mental health conditions and mood disorders.

Find out more about Lelani Loubser including a list of conditions treated.

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