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    Osteopath Nick Cowan Joins London Medical Practice

    The Smart Clinics, South Kensington

    nick cowan osteopath

    The Smart Clinics welcome Osteopath Nick Cowan, to the London team. 

    Nick Cowan brings excellent credentials and experience to The Smart Clinics’ medical centre.

    He initially qualified as an Osteopath in 2004 and is fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council, having graduated from the British college of Osteopathic medicine.

    He also holds an honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, and a diploma in Naturopathic medicine; which gives him an extensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology combined with a holistic approach to overall well-being and postural re-education.

    With the objective of reducing pain and increasing mobility, he also provides nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice where applicable, so that his patients may achieve an optimum state of health.

    Conditions Treated

    Nick treats teens and adults with a range of conditions, including:

    •  Back pain, neck ache
    •  Sports injuries, tennis elbow, whiplash
    •  Migraine and headache
    •  Frozen and stiff shoulders
    •  Repetitive strain injuries, wrist pain etc
    •  Knee and hip problems, ankle and foot problems
    •  Arthritic pain, disc injuries, trapped nerves
    •  Cramps, leg pain, sciatica

    Specialist Areas

    His specialist areas are postural re-education, sports injury and running technique rehab.

    As an experienced long distance runner with over 20 marathon and ultra marathons, he is both knowledgeable and experienced in issues relating to running and sporting injuries.

    More Information

    The Smart Clinics

    The Smart Clinics offers two health care centres based in Brompton Cross (South Kensington) and Wandsworth and operates on a membership scheme for individuals with discounts for additional family members, entitling members to access their private London GPs without the worry of waiting lists or inconvenient appointments. 

    The  team of GPs can refer to a host of carefully chosen medical professionals and specialists with the emphasis on accessibility/speed and excellent quality of care. The company offers an extensive range of additional health services, including a travel clinic, skin treatments,psychology, physiotherapy and even dentistry. There are also a range of children’s services available.

    In 2013, The Smart Clinics was launched as a new private healthcare brand for individuals, families and corporate clients in London.

    For more information contact or call  020 7052 0070.

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Our London clinics are conveniently located at Brompton Cross (Kensington & Chelsea) and Wandsworth. Services are available on a drop in basis, but there are also a range of affordable membership packages.

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