Pink Parcel: Dr Sadek on Periods and Piles

Expert Advice from Dr Khaled Sadek

pink parcelPink Parcel is an innovative subscription service which sends members a monthly supply of sanitary towels and tampons, along with monthly treats like tea, beauty products and chocolate. 

As a review in Grazia magazine explained:

“Let’s not beat around the bush; your er, time of the month, is never a walk in the park.

“But this where Pink Parcel steps in.

“Perfect for those who really get it bad around that time, or just to make Mother Nature’s visit a little more palatable.”

The Pink Parcel blog issues regular articles on periods, beauty, wellbeing and life in general!

#TabooTuesday: The Lowdown On Piles and Periods

dr-khaledThis article looks at the difficult and uncomfortable issue of piles and Dr Khaled Sadek was invited to give his expert advice.

Khaled explains:

“Haemorrhoids (commonly known as piles) are vessels which normally make up the vascular structure of the lower rectum.

“Ideally, this group of vessels helps with the smooth passage of stools. However, once inflamed they give rise to symptoms such as pain, bleeding and discomfort.”

Piles are caused by pressure on blood vessels in the lower rectum. These lack muscle and increased pressure can cause them to become swollen and they can then rupture or ulcerate, causing bleeding and discomfort.

Some women find that piles flare up during menstruation. Dr Sadek explains:

“There is some research, mainly around pregnancies, which highlights the presence of oestrogen and progesterone receptors, similar to those seen in normal breast tissue, are also found in haemorrhoids. These findings could account for these symptoms, but the jury is still out.”

Advice for Piles

Khaled’s main tip was that prevention is better than cure – the first step is to maintain soft stools through increased dietary fibre, good hydration (plenty of water) and avoiding straining on the loo.

Over the counter treatments are available from pharmacy which may relieve swelling and discomfort; or doctors can prescribe corticosteroid cream for severe inflammations.

In severe cases, treatment such as laser, freezing, banding or cauterisation may be considered. These are surgical procedures.

As Dr Sadek advises:

“…there is no easy fix once they develop, so your best strategy is prevention”

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