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    • 28 DEC 17

    Post-Christmas Health Recovery Advice

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    So Christmas is over and it’s a time of year when many Brits start thinking about a New Year commitment to better health to get over the festive indulgences.

    Here is some timely information and advice which may help to get your health back on track.

    Over Eaten?

    Overindulgence at Christmas is very common indeed.  It’s estimated that a typical Christmas Day adds up to over 5,000 calories – twice what the average man would normally need in a day according to the NHS and 2.5 times a woman’s daily recommended intake.

    There are consequences to such a food binge. Firstly, the lethargy and drowsiness that you feel after eating so much means the last thing you feel like doing is any exercise.  Other issues could include heartburn and wind; while an unfamiliar rich diet can also cause diarrhoea or constipation.

    What did you drink?

    Food is not the only culprit at Christmas.  Excessive alcohol consumption or even sugary drinks such as carbonated or fruit juices add a lot of calories to the intake.

    Not to mention that alcohol also causes hangovers and mood alteration.

    Post-Christmas Health Recovery

    Here are a few simple health tips that may help you use the lull between Christmas and New Year to get back on track after Christmas excesses

    • Catch up on sleep – Sleep is nature’s healer and helps to relax and rebalance your body and mind. Sleep deprivation is associated with comfort eating/overeating – so get your 8 hours and you may find it easier to resist snacking.
    • Exercise – If you feel like hitting the gym or going for a big run, do – especially if you have time off.  Otherwise, go for a walk to get some exercise and fresh air.
    • Drink lots of water – Being properly hydrated helps your body to recover and also reduces the risk of thirst being confused with hunger, helping you to eat a little less.
    • Don’t starve yourself – An aggressive diet can be tempting after Christmas but is usually counter-productive and not a long term solution. Simply manage portion sizes and choose a healthy diet rich in protein, veg, salad and fruit.
    • Increase vitamin C – This helps to clear skin, maintain healthy bones and aid absorption of iron.

    It’s also a good time to take stock of any more serious issues.  If you recognise that you have a significant amount of weight to lose or a problem with alcohol consumption, don’t feel you have to face it alone.  Visit a GP for some advice and support.

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