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Chelsea doctorThe Smart Clinics is seeing significant increases in patients looking into its medical membership scheme.

Website traffic to the membership information page for the month of April so far is 150% higher than a year ago, indicating that many more are considering the benefits of private medical care.

The pandemic has clearly changed the landscape of medical care in the UK, putting the NHS under unprecedented strain and providing challenges for patients in their access to doctors.

The Smart Clinics’ Medical Membership Scheme

Established in 2015, The Smart Clinics is best known for its medical membership scheme, which provides a range of benefits for patients, including some additional exclusive ‘members only’ features that have been added with respect to coronavirus testing and vaccination.

Medical Membership Scheme Features

  • Unlimited GP appointments, which can be via telephone, video call or in person as appropriate
  • Annual health check
  • Priority access to Covid-19 Antibody & “Fit to Fly” Testing
  • Free private coronavirus vaccine for over 30s
  • Free prescription-writing & free home delivery for medication
  • Insurance company requests
  • Member-only offers including discounted DEXA & CIMT imaging

Medical Scheme Member Benefits

In practical terms, being a member of The Smart Clinics scheme is about accessing ready availability of high quality care. The benefits include:

  • Ready access to Private GPs
    • Team of carefully chosen experienced doctors
    • Wide range of special interests
  • Choice of 4 London locations
    • Members can choose to attend the clinic of their choice
    • Wherever is most convenient for home, work or other commitments
  • 30 minute standard appointment times
    • Provides ample time for proper discussion, allowing the doctor to fully understand the condition for better diagnosis and treatment
    • Over 3 times the average NHS appointment
  • Short waiting lists
    • Earlier access to healthcare
    • No need to wait for weeks, even for ‘non-urgent’ concerns
  • Evening and weekend clinics available
    • Offering flexibility for those with daytime commitments
  • Telephone and video appointment options
    • Allows patients to access care and support quickly and easily
    • No need to attend in person – practical and modern approach to medicine
  • Many health tests can be arranged privately
    • Enabling faster results
    • Aiding diagnosis and treatment
  • Team of medical experts
    • Fast and efficient referral
    • On-site expertise in a variety of medical areas
  • Proactive scheme, developing additional features/benefits as required
    • Recently adding preferential access and rates for coronavirus testing
    • Introducing free private COVID-19 vaccinations (over 30s)

Individual, Family & Corporate

The Smart Clinics offers options and schemes for all group types. As well as individual membership, there are savings for families adding membership for children.

In addition, the corporate schemes offer arrangements for London-based companies who are looking to provide private medical membership for their employees.

Dental Member Benefits

In addition to the medical scheme, which provides access to Private Doctors; The Smart Clinics also offers a private dentistry scheme. This provides access to expert dentists in a Chelsea-based practice which has been fitted to a very high standard with the latest equipment. Features of the scheme include:

  • 2 dental examinations a year (with X-Rays where necessary)
  • 2 dental hygiene appointments a year
  • 20% off all dental treatments
  • Member-only offers

Combined Membership

Save £15 A Month

For those who join both the medical and dentistry schemes, The Smart Clinics offers an attractive discount of £15 a month on the regular payments. Equating to £180 a year, this is a good incentive. However, clients are able to choose either the medical or dentistry scheme alone, there is no requirement to sign up for both.

The Smart Clinics

Private Healthcare London

The Smart Clinics is a private healthcare company established in 2013, offering a membership-based alternative to NHS care for individuals and families. Vital health services include private GPs, travel clinic, sexual health, skin treatments, psychology, physiotherapy and much more. There are also a range of children’s services available, including immunisation and health visitors.

The Company describes itself as:

“London’s pre-eminent integrated healthcare clinics”

The Smart Clinics brings together a host of medical professionals offering patients high quality health services in a choice of accessible London clinic locations.

For more information contact us on or call  020 7052 0070.

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Services are available through our a affordable membership packages or on a drop in 'pay as you go' basis. High quality medical healthcare is readily available:

  • Longer appointment times
  • No waiting lists
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Telephone, video and in-person consultations


Call our team on 020 7052 0070

  • Chelsea - Hollywood Rd: Option 2
  • South Ken - Thurloe Place: Option 4
  • Wandsworth - Northcote Rd: Option 5
  • Wandsworth - Bellevue Rd: Option 6

Lines open 8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday, 9.00-12.00 Saturday

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