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Asthma can be complex and take time to diagnose and it may take several visits to make a firm diagnosis and to try different medicines and find the most suitable dose.

Our GPs will make the diagnosis of asthma, prescribe the medicines you need, and show you how to take them.

Our GPs can refer you or your child to specialist clinics and asthma consultants to help you manage your asthma. Once asthma is stabilised you should see our GP once a year if you are an adult – every six months if you are a child.

The aims of the asthma clinic are:

  • to improve quality of life in asthmatic patients
  • to encourage patients to take responsibility for their own asthma management
  • to improve patient education
  • to reduce emergency admissions to hospital due to asthma
  • Asthma Inhaler Technique

    A useful resource to learn or remind yourself of correct inhaler technique is which has excellent videos.

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