COVID-19 Tests

The Smart Clinics are now offering coronavirus testing at the following London clinics:

For Londoners who want to know whether they have developed antibodies against COVID-19, whether they need a rapid Antigen test or even for a “Fit to Fly” PCR swab test, the Smart Clinics can help provide these multiple test options from our various clinics.

Results are given by one of the company’s private GPs, who will discuss the implications, whatever they may be, and give appropriate medical advice. NOTE – Covid-19 testing is only available to patients that do not have any symptoms, please read below for further information.

We also offer the ‘Test to Release‘ test for those returning from international travel who wish to shorten the quarantine from 10 days to 5.  

Popular COVID 19 Tests

1. Simple Blood test From £48

  • This is a proper test based on a blood sample
  • Tests for antibodies – a ‘Have I Had It’ test
  • High levels of accuracy and confidence in the results
  • No waiting for results – test assessed on site rather than being sent to an external lab, so results are available in around 10 minutes
  • Available from the age of 16 upwards from our Wandsworth, Bellevue Rd clinic.
  • Prices:
    • Members – £48 per test, as the cost of the coronavirus antibody blood test is discounted for members of The Smart Clinics medical scheme
    • Non-members – £99 per test
  • More information on the 10 Minute Coronavirus Antibody Test including what to expect and preparation advice.

PCR tests London2. COVID Swab PCR Test With Independent Lab from £195

  • Popular ‘Pre-Travel’ or ‘Fit to Fly’ PCR testing
  • This is very popular with our clients, as many countries now require a clean Covid-19 test in order to enter through customs and immigration
  • Tests for active coronavirus – a ‘Have I Got It’ test
  • Swab test with a GP, samples sent to an external lab
  • Results take 72 hours so please allow time before your journey
  • Price: £195 per test 
  • Available from our Chelsea, Wandsworth North and Wandsworth Bellevue Rd Clinics

3. COVID Rapid Antigen test from £120

  • A SARS-CoV-2 antigen test detects the presence of Covid-19
  • High levels of accuracy and confidence in the results
  • No waiting for results – test assessed on site rather than being sent to an external lab, so results are available in around 15 minutes
  • Swab test from the back of the throat and your nasal cavity with an in-house specialist
  • Prices:
    • Members – £120 per test, as the cost of the Rapid Antigen test is discounted for members of The Smart Clinics medical scheme
    • Non-members – £145 per test
  • Available from our Chelsea and Wandsworth North Clinics

COVID Test to Release Service

For International Travel

The Smart Clinics is able to provide ‘Test to Release’ service, enabling clients to reduce the quarantine period after international travel.

According to latest guidelines, passengers arriving in England from outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man must quarantine for 10 days on arrival. Under the Test to Release scheme you can shorten this time to 5 days by paying for a private COVID-19 test. If the result is negative, you can end your quarantine. You must be in England for 5 full days before taking a test.

More information at Test to Release Enables Shorter Quarantine. Please also see the full official guidelines for further information 

Which Test?

All covid tests start with a quick call with one of the GP’s to ensure we are providing the most appropriate test based on your needs, taking into account all your concerns as well as any forthcoming travel plans. Unfortunately we are unable to see any patients whom have any symptoms at the time of appointment, all information will be discussed with one of our GP’s in your pre-appointment call. For patients whom believe they are currently suffering from Covid-19 please contact your local NHS service provider and follow all government guidelines.

This video from the NHS explains further the difference between active virus testing (like PCR) that check for ‘have I got it’ and antibody tests that check ‘have I had it’:


If you have symptoms

If you have COVID symptoms you should self-isolate and arrange an NHS test.

Do check the latest government regulations and advice as this is subject to change.

Members and Non-Members Welcome

Non-members are welcome to access our COVID testing services, although preferential rates may apply for members.

The Smart Clinics’ popular membership scheme also includes unlimited GP appointments and free prescription writing as well as access to a host of healthcare professionals. Please contact us to learn more.


The Smart Clinics may now be able to arrange the coronavirus vaccine for members of its Medical Scheme

  • Arranged via local NHS partners, subject to availability. Vaccines are free in the United Kingdom and only available through the NHS
  • Patients must meet NHS qualifying criteria at the time of vaccination and must have a valid NHS number and National Insurance number
  • Vaccinations must be pre-booked and will be carried out in South West London
  • Free service, strictly for members only. New members welcome

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Services are available through our a affordable membership packages or on a drop in 'pay as you go' basis. High quality medical healthcare is readily available:

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