The Smart Clinics Dentistry team offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, offering patients choice and expert advice about the style of programme they choose to straighten their teeth.

The importance of a great smile cannot be underestimated. First impressions are so important in face-to-face contact and it is never too late to transform your smile.

Many adults now have braces to improve their teeth for a variety of personal reasons, such as self-confidence, looking good in professional situations or in advance of a big event such as a wedding.

Invisible braces have made the idea of wearing orthodontics much more acceptable for adult patients looking into braces to give them a natural and pleasing dental appearance to enhance their looks and confidence. Yet the benefits are not only cosmetic, as braces also improve functional problems concerning the alignment of the bite and teeth, correcting irregularities such as rotated or crooked teeth surprisingly quickly.

We also see many patients who have had braces before but are looking to the latest methods to improve their teeth again, correcting mild irregularities that have become more apparent over the years. A short course of treatment can be very effective in restoring perfect alignment.

At Smart Smile Clinics’ London Orthodontics Centre, we have a keen interest in providing discreet treatment for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Aside from a range of cosmetic appliances, we also offer invisible braces where no one will have to know you are having treatment.


Which Braces Should I Have?

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There is no single answer to this question – each system has a number of unique advantages. The starting point is to have an orthodontic assessment to establish what you are trying to achieve and fully assess your teeth and your bite.

The orthodontist can then discuss the various approaches and recommend which is most appropriate for your needs.

To book a consultation or discuss your requirements further, please call our clinic on 020 7052 0070.

Orthodontics Services at The Smart Clinics

invisalign logoInvisalign® is probably the world’s best known brand of invisible braces.

In fact, over 2.5 million people worldwide have worn Invisalign braces to straighten their teeth.

The system gradually straightens teeth using a series of custom-made removable aligners that are practically invisible in use. The aligners are replaced fortnightly, incrementally moving your teeth into their final position.

As the whole treatment is planned on sophisticated computer technology, patients can see the final result before they even start on treatment.

Invisible/Lingual Braces
Lingual braces combine the benefits of a fixed brace system with invisibility, as they are fitted behind the teeth and are therefore not visible in everyday use. However, as a fixed system, there is no need to remove the braces for eating or special cleaning and results can be surprisingly swift.

In addition, it has been demonstrated that braces fitted behind the teeth can be better for dental health, as the damage which can occur as a result of poor brushing during treatment is likely to be less severe, less frequent and less visible.

Lingual braces are a popular choice with celebrities who are keen to improve their smile lines without being seen in braces.

Incognito Braces

incognito bracesIncognito braces are an advanced generation of customised fixed brace that is fitted to the back of the teeth.

This means that there are no visible brackets or wires from the front, yet the treatment is highly effective.

Incognito is an ideal choice for those patients who are keen to improve their teeth alignment for a straighter, more even smile; without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

Damon Braces

The Damon Clear system offers advantages over both traditional braces and invisible aligners.

The process combines sliding brackets with high technology archwires to move teeth with less force as the wires are not tied in. However, this approach has been shown to align teeth quickly with fewer appointments than other systems and comfortably too, achieving excellent results for patients .

The braces are discrete to wear and less invasive than other teeth-straightening methods, making them a popular choice with patients of all ages.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces use brackets made of composite materials rather than a metal. The main edge of ceramic braces is without doubt their aesthetic and cosmetic appeal. They are available in various colours or levels of transparency to blend with the patient’s natural teeth for a less obvious look. The ceramic brackets do not stain or discolour in use, and are usually linked using either clear plastic wire or white wires.

However, there is no compromise on performance and results, as the fixed brace approach allows for excellent control in aligning the teeth.

Ceramic braces require regular adjustment by the orthodontist in order to manage the treatment and ensure progress towards a straighter smile.

Orthodontic Hygiene
Our hygienists are on hand to keep teeth clean and healthy, which should always have extra attention while appliances are being worn to avoid food becoming trapped and causing problems in the future
Teeth whitening
Tooth whitening is a very popular choice to ‘finish off’ treatment and ensure that your newly straightened teeth are white and bright.

Our dentists offer professional teeth whitening using GDC (General Dental Council) approved methods and techniques.

Integrated Approach

Our philosophy is to make your experience as easy as possible.

This is achieved by having everything available under one roof.

There’s rarely a need to refer patients elsewhere as our dentistry studios are equipped for everything from X-rays and scans to root canal treatments and complex extractions. 

Our team are highly skilled and experienced and we pride ourselves on a high standard of care.

invisalign logo

An alternative to fixed braces

The world’s most advanced clear aligner system

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