Lelani Loubser, Nutritional Psychiatry Specialist, Herbalist & Naturopath

Nutritional Psychiatry Specialist​, Herbalist & Naturopath.

Lelani Loubser is our qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist, Naturopath and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Health Coach.

She is accredited with BANT and CNHC and undertake more than 200 hours of continuous practice development each year to keep up-to-date with all scientific developments within her areas of healthcare.

Her approach is to helping people achieve their health goals is from a Functional Medicine perspective which aims to address the root cause of chronic illness. She is able to do this by identifying what needs to be added to the body to optimise health and what may need to be removed that may be blocking the body’s natural physiology and biochemistry.

Lelani has a special interest in Mental health, gut health and the microbiome and how it affects all other areas of health.

She supports clients with a range of conditions including:

  • IBS – irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diabetes type I and type II
  • Weight issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Hormonal conditions
  • Mood disorders
  • Autoimmunity

Nutrition is a powerful tool to combine with other health interventions in the prevention and management of chronic health conditions.

Lelani is also a key member of our Smartlife UK programme run in partnership with Cenegenics.


Registrations and Memberships

  • British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)
  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

★★★★★ Patient Testimonials


Caroline Sullivan

My experience with Lelani has been so positive it is easy to recommend her wholeheartedly.  She has provided me with care of the highest quality.  I am in admiration of her wide-ranging expertise and skill.   Throughout my treatment I have appreciated her extensive knowledge and understanding of how to tackle my challenges.  She has been tenacious in helping me to get better and to get to the root causes of my symptoms.   I have developed knowledge and skills that will help me not only get better but also to maintain good health in the long term. 

I was very unwell when I first came to her, suffering from a range of complications after having had Covid-19.  Experiencing a lot of problems with my digestion alongside other difficult symptoms for many months, I was in a great deal of pain and emotional distress.  I am now so much better and feel well on the road to a full recovery. It is thanks to Lelani that I am coming out of a very challenging time with a much better understanding of how to look after my well-being and feel I am stronger and better equipped than I was before.  I can’t thank her enough!

Adele Barlow

Lelani has changed my life. I’ve seen many different doctors and nutritionists over the years and no one has made as much of a positive difference as her. She is highly professional and personable, has an incredible depth of knowledge on a broad range of conditions, and makes suggestions that have a big impact on your health. I have recommended her to many different people with chronic health issues, who are starting to lose faith, as she can inspire anyone to see the best next steps to take on their health journey.

Sarit Baum

Lelani has taken me on a journey through nutrition, aiding me every step of the way with meal plans, supplements and constant support. 1 year later I am feeling better than ever and I can’t thank Lelani enough for it!


I can’t recommend Lelani enough – she is friendly and very knowledgeable of all things gut health! When I started our sessions I was really struggling with IBS symptoms and was extremely sensitive to so many foods. Just a few months later and I have re-introduced everything back into my diet and my IBS symptoms are under control. It’s made such a difference to me being able to live my life not being as impacted by IBS.

Ruth Castle

Lelani is such a pleasure to deal with – empathetic, understanding and professional at every turn. I was having problems with overly emotional hormonal periods every month and she kindly made me a tincture. Even with just under 2 weeks of using it, the tincture made a huge difference in the severity and length of the next bout and has vastly reduced it to near nothing since. I am so relieved and grateful for her care and support. I would highly recommend her!

Eszter Hercsik

I have consultations with Lelani in the past few years. She has improved my health so much. I feel lot more healthier and happier. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. I love receiving her emails with my meal plan & health advice. Not to mention the herbal medicine she makes at home! The best ever, to improve my health. I can highly recommend her as she is very friendly, professional and has amazing knowledge and understanding of human health and issues. ”Don’t forget to ask her for her home made healthy recipes, especially the smoothies! So good to your gut!”

Rebekah Russell

Lelani uses a combined scientific and holistic approach with very personalised treatments. She is very thorough in getting to the cause of any health complaints. Whether you just want to improve your general health or you have a more chronic issue nutrition therapy should be the first point of call. Lelani is very knowledgeable and has access to the most recent nutritional science. She helps you make changes that are realistic in your lifestyle. She clearly walks her talk and this is evident as she glows with health herself.

Mental Health Nutrition package

Cost:  £465 per person 

Includes:  4 x consultations over 3-6 months (in person or virtual) with regular support and monitoring

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