Warning About Private COVID Vaccine Scam

coronavirus masks LondonPrivate London healthcare company, The Smart Clinics, is warning patients that any private COVID vaccination offered in the UK is likely to be a scam. 

Vaccination against coronavirus is currently ONLY available via the NHS in the UK, with a strict order of eligibility criteria.

However, there have been reports of scam texts and calls offering the ‘vaccine’ in exchange for a fee; or even as a means to obtain personal and financial information. Some individuals have received dangerous ‘fake’ vaccines which will provide no protection, are unmonitored and may cause problems due to bad injection techniques as well as the dubious solutions injected. Many patients have lost money to scammers through various con tactics.

Therefore, anyone who is offered a COVID-19 vaccine for a fee should treat it as highly suspicious and report it to the Police 101 service and/or local Trading Standards.

The good news is that the NHS programme is progressing rapidly, with 1 in 4 of the population already immunised in line with the government priority list. Unofficial estimates now indicate that all over 50s may be vaccinated by end March, which means that those most vulnerable to the disease will very soon have some protection.

UK Private COVID Vaccine Situation

At the present time, there is no private coronavirus immunisation available in the UK.

Both manufacturers of the currently available vaccine – Pfizer and AstraZeneca – have confirmed that they will not be supplying the private sector as yet. Current indications are that the first phase of NHS vaccinations will be done completely by the NHS.

Even if the pharmaceutical companies decided to sell the vaccine privately, there are millions of orders waiting to be supplied first – not only the NHS in the UK, but also the EU and worldwide.

However, for revaccination, it seems likely that the vaccination will be made available to the private sector too in the same way that flu jabs are; providing additional clinics and healthcare practitioners to the programme.

Future Private COVID Vaccination

While the indications are that coronavirus vaccination will be available in the private sector at some point in the future, this is likely to be months away. Private coronavirus vaccinations are expected to feature in the ‘booster’ or revaccination programme; after everyone in the UK has had their first vaccinations with the NHS.

Private London healthcare provider has been inundated with enquiries regarding a private coronavirus vaccination. The company has indicated that it would be happy to provide this in the future, when it is available to the private healthcare sector. The Smart Clinics already offers a popular COVID testing service including the ‘fit to fly’ test. The clinics also offer private immunisations including childhood vaccination, travel vaccination and flu jabs.

The Smart Clinics is well placed to offer a private coronavirus vaccination service as soon as supplies are available to private providers in the UK

Private Coronavirus testing

While vaccination is unavailable in the private sector, COVID-19 testing is available at 3 of The Smart Clinics sites:

Results are highly accurate. The simple test uses a blood sample and the PCR (fit to fly) test uses a swab. Results are given by one of the company’s private GPs. COVID Test to Release for international travel service is also available.

COVID-19 Tests

In addition, The Smart Clinics is offering private flu vaccination. This is especially recommended to avoid the risk of contracting flu at the same time as coronavirus, which would be very unpleasant and potentially more dangerous than catching either one alone.

Flu Vaccination

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